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Whoops - December flew by like a shot.

Anyway, I've been developing my OC art over the last month, and want to continue working on those to further refine my skills.  I apologize to everyone waiting on their Skies of Arcadia art - I didn't mean to delay it, but between employment chaos and then holiday work chaos, it's been too chaotic for me to spend the time I wanted to on them.  I also want to make them as great as I can, and only by continuing to draw my own OC's can I feel like I can get to the level I want those to be.  So I ask your patience in receiving those.

Otherwise, my main goals will be to provide dA with more stuff - photos, wallpapers and of course fan art.  If you wish to see my OC development, see this link:…

Let's hope for a great year!
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January 5, 2011


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